Caelin and Lucas. Wow, what an UNBELIEVABLE couple to work with. Let’s just say they were basically my “dream” client and so fortunate that Caelin randomly stumbled upon my Insta page through classic stalking.

 I think what made this beautiful young couple so ideal to work with was their flexibility and willingness to really dive into any situation I put them in. Literally. They got in the water because I knew I could get “the shot” and they completely rolled with it! They even brought their MOST ADORABLE little pup Oliver to the shoot, who lets be honest was the real model: mostly because he was wearing a tie! Anyways, I basically died from all the cuteness. 

During my time with them I found out they were fellow christians and even discovered that Lucas works at the oh so popular PB shore club! Will definitely be making a pit stop there VERY soon!  ( mostly in hopes to get free food… ill let you know how that goes) 

So thankful to have met these two and so glad that I could capture this little adventure together as they celebrated their 1 year anniversary! WOO! Congrats you two, wishing you lots more happy years to come!