Guess who's back: San Diego Zoo

GUESS WHO’S BACK?! Back at the SD zoo that is. You’ve guessed right… it's ME! 

It has been YEARS since I have visited, pretty sure I was like 5, and now I am once again an annual pass holder. Funny story with that though: when my parents took my little cousin to the zoo a couple weeks ago they asked if they wanted to renew any of the other passes, aka mine, of course, they said yes in hopes that I will go with them all the time in the future. Well, apparently the system thought I was 17, meaning cheaper price in which my parents did not rebuttal, so I am now apart of the “koala club” if you know what the means. When I went they didn’t even ask questions…. Glad I still like a 17-year-old. 

As I said, it's been yearrrss since I have gone. Fun fact: pretty sure the last time I went to the zoo it was my brother and I plus my grandma and her friend. From what I remember, within the first 10 minutes of us being in the zoo my grandma’s friend fell in a little pond/waterhole ( how or where that happened I have no idea) but anyways, she had to be taken to the hospital because she hurt her ankle/leg meaning we had to meet her there… in our own car. There is no doubt about it though that I got my directionally challenged brain from my grandma. I vividly remember like it was yesterday… driving to the hospital, it took us at least 30 minutes despite how close it was to us because we couldn’t figure out how to get to the entrance and went around the same round about 3 different times. 

Anyways, that's besides the point and I would love to share about my venture I had at the zoo with my buddy Blaze. I had posted on my Instastory saying that I was open to shoot at the zoo. Not realizing till later it was meant for clients, not that I cared at all, he asked to go! OF COURSE, I SAID YES. We started the day with some passion tea from some little pop-up shop in Balboa Park and booked it over for the opening of the Zoo, which I thought was pretty cool and made me feel like a little kid again. Before we headed off into the wonders of the zoo we whipped out our cameras, Blaze rocked the film camera while I played with my 24-240 mm lens so I can get real nice and close to the animals. 

I saw gorillas, kangaroos and giraffes oh my. Our FAVVVV though were the flamingos. Have you ever just looked at them for a long period of time? They are just so funky looking. Also side note, if you want to make friends with local squirrels just bring some white cheddar popcorn. Make sure to see the famous giant panda bear named Xiao Liwu as well, whose enclosure is hidden behind 10 feet tall bamboo. He had quite the personality! Just looked it up, but you can even watch him live: CHECK HIM OUT. 

One of the last sections of the zoo we visited was the new Africa Rocks ( which is still partly under construction) but it was all good because they had penguins on display. THEY ARE SERIOUSLY THE CUTEST AND WISH I COULD JUST PLAY AND CUDDLE WITH THEM ALL DAY. I must say though that while we were in the underwater section I was sad to witness a dad on his phone while his son played with a penguin through the glass RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. In my head, I was thinking “HELLO, your adorable little boy is playing with penguins ( wish I tried to do and didn’t work ) and you aren’t even paying attention! AH!” I seriously considered taking a photo myself, but then I thought that might be a little creepy. 

Anyways, overall it was a great way to start the day before heading to the coffee shop to get some work done, and will definitely be making my way back there again to hold birds and feed some giraffes. 

Oh, one last thing: After we left the park Blaze insisted that we go on the little carousel outside, mostly so that he could reenact himself on the giant bird ( looks like Kevin from Up) from when he was a little kid. Seriously, it was so great. Also, he informed me that they play a little grab the brass ring game. Kinda hard to explain, but if you grabbed it then you get a free ride! To my surprise, it was actually really hard, but still managed to be the winna winna! Highly recommend, don’t do it though if you easily get motion sickness. ;) 

SOOO If you are traveling to SD and planning to go to the SD ZOO or just have a pass and would love some photos possibly in front of some flamingos or giraffes LET ME KNOW, I am now open for booking there!