A Beautiful Day

Just another fun filled Saturday in sunny San Diego

What started as just a simple mission to get sunflowers at the farmer’s market for a friend, quickly turned into a full on photoshoot sesh with classic oldie cars, worth more than my life, and cheesy white girl poses with sunflowers. 

Meetup Frenzie

Learning to say yes

I am not sure if the average person would have called going to an Insta photography meet an adventure, but I decided it definitely qualifies! With expectations low going in, I was astonished the first time around that there were a total of 96 photographers and models that showed up at Old Town Mission. 


A sweet surpirse


For Thanksgiving break I decided I would surprise my mentor, Mika, who I met years before during my study abroad. We had kept in touch over time and always talked about visiting each other but she had no idea that I would actually make it happen!