Andrew & Kelsey

Andrew & Kelsey met at Point Loma University, so it only made sense to go back to take wedding photos where they DTRd. ( defined the relationship if you don’t know what that means)

Before we got started Andrew mentioned that a friend of Kelsey’s would be surprising her. THIS WAS NO ORDINARY FRIEND. This was her childhood friend who lived far away and was rarely allowed to leave where she was at due to being a nun! IT WAS SERIOUSLY A MIRACLE THAT SHE COULD MAKE IT ( she wasn’t even able to make it to her own sisters wedding) AND BROWNIE POINTS TO ANDREW FOR MAKING IT ALLLL HAPPEN!

We had her turn around close her eyes. As she waited she guessed a snow cone machine and a few other pretty hilarious things… when she turned around her response was PRICELESS & endearing. I’m pretty sure I shed a tear too…. It was obvious the Lord was shining down on this beautiful wedding day- FASHO.

The fact that Kelsey had 10 BRIDESMAIDS as well as 10 FLOWER GIRLS exemplifies the type of women she is. - perhaps crazy in a sense to have so many, but on the real, a genuine happy soul, to have a group of girls like this who would be willing to support her in this way, and a heart to say YES to having her entire small group of girls that she leads from church throw flowers as she walks the down aisle. No joke- they were the happiest group I have ever seen and were SOO obsessed with Andrew & Kate, the didn’t want to say good bye!!

From the ceremony, which included heartfelt vows and communion, to the reception at the iconic Horton Hotel, which eventually transformed to a wild high school dance party and a glow stick exit- I’d say it was one heck of a night that I am sure they would do all over again!

Btw- yes. Those are pearls on her dress. ISN’T SHE LIKE... THE RADDEST PERSON EVER?!

Side note: I shot this wedding with Nathaniel Weir - who is one of the coolest kids around. No doubt about that.