Angela & Zakin

Angela is my very best friend from college and what was so fun about this was that Zakin & I made her think she planned the day. She even told me at the beginning of the day she felt like it could be the day that he proposes because both his mom and hers sent very suspicious texts. Word to the wise: if you can feel that the day is coming closer - make sure to tell your mothers to keep quiet/not even a text or just don’t tell them what day it’s happening on at all..

Anyways, after taking pictures & walking around Balboa park on a busy Sunday afternoon for more than an hour I told them that I needed to scout a location for my next shoot there and brought them to a little garden ( can’t remember - but I'm sure you know where I’m talking about if you have been there when you see the pics )

I got them up on stage to do some tester shots and BOOM. SHE WAS COMPLETELY SURPRISED! I could barely hold my camera without shaking and basically started crying out of joy & the fact that my bestie is going to get to marry the man of her dreams!