It's been about 6 years since my family went on a vaca and 9 years since we've been in mammoth all together. SAY WHHAT. I don’t think I like how fast life is going and how much faster it gets every year! Makes me actually pretty emotional if i'm being honest and makes me realize how crucial it is to be present with your loved ones in times like these - cuz you never know when it’s going to happen again.

Funny side note: last time we came to mammoth I fainted in the line for ice cream at Rite Aid. My dad still has nightmares about it…

For this trip, I am not sure how we made it happen. Between my crazy random schedule and weekends being filled up for the most part, as well as my dad preparing for some big dates at work, my mom working constantly between the ritz & her own massage business, and more specifically my brothers new married life we were able to get a weekend to take my new baby ( my car - Moana) on a road trip. We went to Mono and June Lake, went mountain biking ( which I don’t think I will be doing ever again) and stayed at the house of a walking angel- Penny McCoy.

It was good to detox, get away and be with the family again. It was something I know my dad prayed long and hard for and it made me happy to see him so happy. I know how important it was to him.

WHO ELSE THINGS THIS LIFE IS JUST GOIN WAY TOO FAST?! Today: I encourage you to either reach out to your loved ones ( could be friends or family) - tell them ya love them and that you want to either hang out/go on a mini vaca! I know it might be difficult to find the time in everyones schedule to make it happen, but trust me- if my family can do it - so can yours!