Christine & Steve: Pacific Beach Pier Wedding Anniversary Shoot

To celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary, these two decided to get down in the water at Pacific Beach Pier, San Diego California for a splashing good time- even though Christine fears the ocean! Anything to get the shot right?!

Steve on the other hand LOVES the ocean, he is a surfer and funny to say but as I was showing up to the shoot, he was just getting out of the water! I was warned before that he doesn’t like photos, however he totally rocked it with his man bun that he’s so proud of!

No joke- these two are #couplegoals. Both are entrepreneurs, Christine owns her own lip line called Scorch Makeup ( check her out: @scorch_makeup) and he is an engineer but his specialty is in sports equipment, his clients are in the industries of lacrosse, mountain biking, hockey, etc.

Together they like to hike, discuss business, go to professional sporting events, and go out with our friends! Steve says he loves her abbreviations, fiery personality , and freckles. She loves the support he’s giving her to pursue Scorch, his energy, and his muscles ;)

Aren’t these two #couplegoals!?