Joshua Tree


The idea however behind the whole reason for going was truly inspiring. All thanks to Jayme of MINT STUDIO aka my second momma!

Her vision for this trip was to get a bunch of different creatives together to display what they were good at. From calligraphy, jewelry designer, ponchos, painter, videographers, leather goods maker, we had it all!

We met at a trendy retreat center basically in the middle of nowhere. There we were given the grand tour of the tents and air streams we would be staying in for the night..only problem was.. IT WAS FREEZING AND SOO WINDY!! It hurt to take pictures cuz I did not prepare for this type of weather and didn’t bring gloves! I mean.. The desert is supposed to be hot right?!

Although what ended up happening wasn’t exactly how we planned, we can now look back at it with a good laugh ( maybe not Sarah though because she almost got stuck in a ditch in the middle of the desert by herself with no way of contacting people due to the lack of service- don't worry she made it and is still alive) BUT hoping next time, if there is a next time, will not be so dysfunctional.