Rosarito Mexico Trip

To celebrate my friend’s 25th birthday, we decided to rent an Airbnb right by the water in Rosarito, Mexico.Since there was a total of 8 of us, it made it SO cheap to stay a night! Just a short 2 hour drive over the border from San Diego, and we were there! When we arrived the party had already begun, with reggaeton, dancing and drinks! The next morning all eight of us gathered for breakfast and headed out to the popular surf spot K 38 to catch some waves! We pretty much did the same thing the next day at another local spot not far from where we were staying. The last morning we were there, we looked up the surf report which forecasted a huge swell and that waves were going to get up to the 10 feet due to a storm from the south. So, Bri ( the bday girl) decided to hit up the waves just one last time before we headed out!

Mexico travel tips: Get car insurance if you are going to drive, get international cell service so you can contact your friends if you get lost, go with someone that speaks Spanish- you never know when it’s going to come in handy, don’t go on a toll if you are lost- it may lead you even further to the middle of nowhere, find out the average taxi rate because if you don’t you want pay way over it ( we paid $15 per car to go 2 minutes down the road…), if you are driving over the border like we did: load up on all things costco and plan to sit in traffic for 2-4 hours on the way back ( aka bring snacks & download a podcast) OR leave really early in the morning- like 5 or 6AM!

To check out the video of our trip click HERE to head to my youtube channel!