The Style Playlist: Nicole Sager

My heart is overjoyed whenever the relationship with my clients go from "client" to friend. To be honest though, it never takes very long, maybe because I am insanely fortunate to work with such RAD individuals. For this shoot, we decided to keep it REAL & showcase story of Nicole at the pool rooftop & surrounding area of her apartment in Little Italy, San Diego.

I have worked with Nicole for what seems FOREVER now, and I can say without a doubt she has become one of my FAVORITES.  

Fun fact: This blogger beauty just turned 30! So make sure to show her some love, by giving her a follow 🎉
Although she is small, she is mighty, has a heart of gold, and some major SPUNK! Over the past couple months she has gone from client to friend. I have loved hearing about her passion for music & fashion, as well as the struggles and what it means to step into this new decade of 30! She even mentioned to me about how she wants to do a blog/letter to her younger 20’s self about what she wished she knew/shouldn’t stress so much about- WHICH IM SO EXCITED TO READ WHEN SHES DONE. 💕

What do you wish you could have told your younger self?! 🤷🏼‍♀️