Nicolle & James: Surprise Proposal/Engagement Shoot at Kate Sessions Park San Diego

For this surprise proposal, James and I had to be extra careful planning the adorable outdoors picnic proposal at Kate Sessions Park so that Nicole didn’t see me. Fun fact has been a photography clients in the past for branding! Side note: She is a Instagram genius, follow her @sotosocialmgmt if you need ANY help USE HER. What’s funny is that she posted a blog post titled “A Wedding Photographer's Instagram Guide to Engagement Season”, which I told her was going to be very useful for me in the near future ;)

ANYWAYS: He mentioned that she has been on edge for months/getting her nails done so that she was prepared at all times, however this was not one of those times! She literally had NO idea. What she did know was that he had been acting weird- aka not talking very much during their picnic! As I waited behind a car for about 15-20 minutes, hoping that the big group of people would move from behind them- they finally did- I got the q as he took off his glasses, tuned towards her, and whipped out the ring! As you can tell, Nicolle was STOKED, said YES, and was surprised to see me as well!