Meetup Frenzie

I am not sure if the average person would have called going to an Insta photography meet an adventure, but I decided it definitely qualifies! With expectations low going in, I was astonished the first time around that there were a total of 96 photographers and models that showed up at Old Town Mission. There were SO many people that the cops got suspicious and even showed up! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! Suppa crazy if you ask me. 

In all, it was like social media came to life. I finally got to meet some of the photographers and models I happened to already follow and met some photographers and models that happened to already follow me. (It was kinda weird, but so rad) 

Overall, it was just a GOOD OL PHOTO SESH! Some people brought speakers, others brought props, and not to mention lots of clothing options to choose from. It started at 4, but the scattered party did not stop till the sun went way way down! 

My second meet up was at Balboa Island in Newport. With the thought of traffic, one of the things I hate the most, on the brain I almost psyched myself out of going. Deep down I just KNEW it would be worth it and to solidify those feelings I would like to assure you that it was MORE than worth it. When I got there, there were smiling familiar faces and new ones ready to be shot ( with my camera). What bleewww me out of the water though, or in the water in this case, was the magical boat ride I took with some fellow photographers and models during sunset. 

A man by the name of Roger saw that we were shooting and had our eyes on the little boats next to us and decided to take us for a solid ride around the harbor. In the background played some calming Jesus jams from pandora, there was a light breeze blowin’, and the sun was rich in gold, any photographers dream, all while we crammed together and took a billion pictures. T’was magical. 

So word of advice to the indecisive people out in the world such as myself: just say yes. 

Personally, through this experience I was able to mess around more with my manual camera settings without the pressure unlike a  paid shoot and was even blessed with the opportunity to borrow a really nice lens ( aka sigma 35mm), all thanks to @milesofcolor. Because of him I am now a proud owner of a 35mm Zeiss. and boy oh boy is it a game changer.