Pacific Beach


Balboa Park

Although Angela was VERY suspicious that she was going to get proposed to while Angela, Zakin and I hung out at Balboa Par/ did a photoshoot “just for the heck of it” we still managed to SURPRISE her!! After about an hour of walking around, she said she kinda gave up hope that it was going to happen and convinced herself earlier that day that there was just no way since “she was the one that planned the day.” Or so we made her think ;) .

Originally, I wanted to take them to the amphitheater, but there was a organ concert going on ( of course) and I knew for them it was important to keep it intimate. So off we went to look for a spot away from the craziness for my clients ( aka Devin Jones) that were on their way! Which BY THE GRACE OF GOD was something I didn’t have to lie about- and no joke it was a shoot that was planned on the way to this one. GOD IS GOOD YALL.

Anyways, as I gave the signal to Zakin (putting my hair up ) he went to “blow his nose” and put on his jacket in which allowed to sneak one of the most BEAUTIFUL rings I had ever seen. - good work there Zakin. 

As I positioned Angela to face the opposite way, she was confused and turned around to figure out what was going on - BAM- HE WAS ON ONE KNEE. Her facial expressions were priceless. As you can see below. 

To say the least: it was a success and I am unbelievable happy for them. After Angela took a breather she mentioned that she said a few years when her and Zakin went on a MAGICAL date there, she remembers thinking that one day she would get proposed to there… without even knowing I was able to make her dreams come true with the man of her dreams. YAY FOR THE HAPPY COUPLE!! LOVE YOU BOTH!!!



Meet Tessa & Taylor. 

Two talented real estate agents who met at a coffee shop and who are now taking over the Arizona real estate industry... TOGETHER! So if you happen to be moving to Arizona and looking for a house I would definitely hit them up. 

When Tessa reached out I was SO excited because it had been a while since I had done a couple shoot and better yet, felt HONORED, that they wanted me to be theirs while on vacation! I asked how she even found me and to no surprise she said Instagram! Still silly to me that is how I get most of my clients, but glad to say it works! 

Of course though, the day of the shoot it was cloudy, making Tessa a little bit skeptical on if the shoot shall go on. However, I assured her that clouds were actually a good thing and that it was going to be GREAT regardless. As I promised, it was! 

Within minutes I could tell they were comfortable being themselves in front of the camera as I made them run up and down the beach, into the water, and even when I asked Taylor to pick up Tessa and whisk her away! He did it with little to no hesitation! I couldn't help but fall in love with these two just by the way they looked at each other. I could tell that even after being together for three years, that they are not even CLOSE to being sick of each other. They are seriously the perfect model couple... and tell me if I am crazy, but don't they resemble Ryan Gosling and Megan Fox?! Power couple for SURE. 

Tessa's response after I sent them the photos was the BEST and assured that I did my job right by stating that she "didn’t realize how much I was just like laughing the whole time!" This is what I hope to accomplish with every shoot and so glad I got to capture all the love and joy they share while on VACA!! 

Caelin & Lucas


Caelin and Lucas. Wow, what an UNBELIEVABLE couple to work with. Let’s just say they were basically my “dream” client and so fortunate that Caelin randomly stumbled upon my Insta page through classic stalking.

 I think what made this beautiful young couple so ideal to work with was their flexibility and willingness to really dive into any situation I put them in. Literally. They got in the water because I knew I could get “the shot” and they completely rolled with it! They even brought their MOST ADORABLE little pup Oliver to the shoot, who lets be honest was the real model: mostly because he was wearing a tie! Anyways, I basically died from all the cuteness. 

During my time with them I found out they were fellow christians and even discovered that Lucas works at the oh so popular PB shore club! Will definitely be making a pit stop there VERY soon!  ( mostly in hopes to get free food… ill let you know how that goes) 

So thankful to have met these two and so glad that I could capture this little adventure together as they celebrated their 1 year anniversary! WOO! Congrats you two, wishing you many more happy years to come! 

Mary & Andrew


Meet Mary and Andrew. 

A beautiful, vivacious newly wed couple who do not only deeply love each other, but the Lord as well. They met at Point Loma University during undergrad and have be inseperateable ever since. Although I have only known them for a short period of time, they have quickly become one of my favorite couples. Especially after the shoot with them, I became somewhat obsessed as they did not hold back their silliness while in front of the camera. They always have a smile on their face and constantly think of others first. They have even opened their home as a gathering for the women’s small group I go to called Toast, which has been one of the biggest blessings moving down to SD. ( check them out: @godblesstoast) 

However, I am sad to say that they will be moving to Hawaii next month where Andrew will be stationed and setting sail out to the open sea. Meaning, I may just have to fly on over and visit Mary to comfort her while he is gone! ;) What I recently found out too though is that they will only be there short term and will be coming back to San Diego. PRAISE THE LORD. 

Lastly, after waiting 3 long weeks for the NCLEX results, Mary received the news that she passed and is now officially a REGISTERED NURSE!! Woop! So if anyone needs saving, hit her up. 

Shane & Brooke


This is my brother Shane and his wifey/my sister Brooke. 

Recently, it was their one year anniversary and to celebrate not only their love, but new place in Oceanside, I thought it would be fun to treat them to an indoor photoshoot. When I got to their place, I was SHOCKED. It was MORE than what I expected! It was well lit with natural light from the open windows, the layout was spacious, andit had a Mexican feel to it all the way from the tiling to the cabinets. They also had their record player going and was impressed with how adorable the decor was. To say the least, I was a proud and somewhat jealous sister for their rare find that is only 2 miles from the beach.  

Just like their new place, their story on how they met is just as or potentially even more adorable. As cliche as it may be, they met while on the cross country/track while they attended Biola University. I don’t think it took long for my brother to realize she was the one for him. He was overly happy all the time, and based on my experience with them at the shoot, they are happy more than ever now. The chemistry between them and heart for one another is something I hope to have in my future as well. God has truly blessed them and so excited to continue seeing them grow. 

Brooke as I said at the wedding: thanks for taking him off my hands, seems like you’ve got him under control!

Taylor & Matt  

Santa Monica Pier