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Meet Sam Song, otherwise known as @theesamsong. A sweet sweet upcoming blogger with an overall happy vibe! It was months ago when she first reached out to me and so glad I was finally able to work with her months later when she came to visit from San Francisco!  ( Which I need to visit again) 

Although she is not an SD local, she certainly looks the part! Her glowing skin and smile had me in awe, making my job oh so much easier. While visiting from Arizona for a soccer tournament with her family, she thought it would be smart to have a dual purpose and get some content for her new fashion blog. Her mom was so cute and even tagged along! ( What a great momma) 

Our first stop on our little Saturday morning adventure was in the early mornin' to beat the mayhem at the PB pier! Then we set off to Communal Coffee in North Park. Of course, my directionally challenged self got somewhat lost due to some construction and taking an exit I don’t normally take. When I got there, I didn’t prepare for the PACKED HOUSE, most likely because it was a Saturday during brunch time. ( should have known.. silly me)  After some quick coffee to go and succulent window shoppin’ we headed to Holy Matcha where Sam wore an ADORABLE little white dress, which was the perfect compliment to all the pink and green in the room, including her drinks that came with a little umbrella. Seriously, obsessed. 

Now, wishing her the best as she begins her fashion blogging career! I know she is just going to KILL IT! Go ahead GIVE HER A FOLLOW, she seriously is the sweetest! 

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