The “Kiley Shai experience”

is more than just a photoshoot, I like to call it a hang out,  in which I just happened to bring my camera to. During our time together, we are going to get wild & weiiirrddd- usually me more than you! We are going to laugh, dance ( yes- speakers/music is  involved), run, jump, ANYTHING that will basically make you stop thinking about what we are actually doing so that I can capture those AHHMAZING candid shots- whether it’s to show your friends/followers the true you, celebrating graduation, or  perhaps it’ll be you  gettin down on the dance floor with your new wifey/hubby  ;)



Weddings, Elopements, engagements, just cuz love’

Well, first off: I officially claimed myself as a PROFESSIONAL THIRD WHEEL for all you fun loving, giddy, madly in love couples.

Whenever you look back at these  pictures, in 1 year, 5 years or 50,  I want to remember how you felt that day, specifically in those moments. I want you to smile at yourself, regain that confidence, remember that love for yourself as well as your lovaa. I want you to feel the loveable squeeze from them, that somewhat forced lovey dovey kiss on your cheek, the cheesy jokes whispered into your ear, and the weeping emotions as you look deep into the eyes of the man or woman that you fell so madly in love with to the point it’s annoying for others to even look at.

Each moment is special. Especially the candid ones you never thought were possible - till me ;)



When the adventure of a lifetime is just a “yes” away! Don’t let the traditions bring you down from what you really desire your day to be- an intimate ceremony on a mountain, or perhaps the cliffs along the ocean. The world is yours! LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!



Bloggers, biz, graduates, or just cuz you feelin’ yourself

By the end of your shoot, I will not just be your photographer… I will be a connection, an encourager, confidence booster, and overall new FRIEND. ( Yes, instagram/FB friends and alllll)Our relationship WILL NOT be transactional/short lived- I won’t allow it.

For my biz babes, let me be straight up with you.  People WANT to see your face, as much as you may hate it! ( Trust me, I know)  Blogger babes, get ready to get real because you know how important it is to be with your followers! Together, we will be able to create something designed specifically tailored to you and your vision- it will be

relatable, trendy, and something people will WANT to see more of. Aka your face & your story that goes along with it. You are truly beautiful,  I think the world needs to know it, and I hope if you don’t already believe that about yourself then you walk away with this new found truth. BECAUSE YOU ARE! ( Yes, you too guys)



Adventure is out there, let’s go on one together!

Not a true San Diegan? Don’t cha worry!

I am always looking for some reason to travel and definitely think we can make your dream location a reality.