A beautiful day in the neighborhood

 Little Italy's Farmer's Market

What started as just a simple mission to get sunflowers at the farmer’s market for a friend, quickly turned into a full on photoshoot sesh with classic oldie cars, worth more than my life, and cheesy white girl poses with sunflowers. Usually I’d say that the all free samples were the highlight of the trip, BUT a fellow by the name of “Burger, as in In-and-out Burger” he called himself, really took the show. As soon as my beautiful friend Mary and I walked up to the market, we were immediately reeled in by the shiny cars. Thankfully I brought my camera because as soon as our new pal “Burger” saw us he said get in! He started making comments such as “this car has never looked so good!”(which made me laugh uncontrollably) After our “photoshoot” Burger gave us the low down on the history of his car, including what the Dagmars are supposed to resemble. ( If you know what they are, you can imagine what the conversation went like haha) To say the least, it was a HOOT of a time.

After the farmers market we went to visit our very dear friend Jam at Wholesome Coffee in North Park because it was HER LAST DAY! To celebrate this exciting time in her life we brought her sunflowers to brighten up her spirits even more. Also, I don’t know if anyone has actually watched a barista make coffee art before, but as I stared at her through the glass doin’ her thaaang my jaw dropped!! SERIOUSLY SO TALENTED! Props to anyone else who knows how to do this.